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STANDARD Batteries

STANDARD Batteries


Welcome to STANDARD

Since 1974, STANDARD® has been active in the field of energy accumulators. It has in the Greek market accumulators for vehicles, electromobility and stationary indoor and outdoor applications as well as high quality technology products, aimed at private individuals as well as professionals.

STANDARD® is a third generation family business, with a timeless vision of customer service and customer satisfaction to the maximum extent. These are the reasons that support its progress over time, with the main Development Strategy being the design of new products with advanced technical specifications, but also services adapted to the requirements of the modern user and applications that have advanced technology. At the same time, all the factors that contribute decisively to the overall shopping experience for sales over the phone, through the e-shop or through the company's network of stores in Thessaloniki are also improved.

Welcome to STANDARD


Why choose STANDARD Batteries?

If you are wondering why STANDARD - Batteries is the first vehicle battery company in sales in Thessaloniki, you only have to visit one of our four stores.

  • Scholeio 3, in N. Magnesia
  • Monastiriou 96
  • Con. Karamanlis 182

Or call 2310 523 014 and 231 231 4819.

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