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Boat & Motorhome & RV Battery STANDARD SMF57524MRV 12V 75Ah 580CCA(SAE)


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Ships in 1 - 3 days
1 Year Warranty 100%

Technical Specifications

Starting Amps (EN): 0
Use: Starter battery for internal combustion engines
Use: Starter battery
Quality: Unique choice for starting power in boats, RVs and motor vehicles
Warranty (months): 12
Voltage (V): 12
Capacity (Ah/C20): 75
Starting Amps (SAE): 580
Weight (kg): 18.2
Overall length (mm): 260
Overall Width (mm): 172
Total height (mm): 225
Pole layout:
Pole type:
Maintenance: Does not require any maintenance *all batteries when not in use for long periods of time need periodic charging (see manufacturer's instructions)